Van Damsel

Weizenbock    ABV  8.0%   IBU 19 Fermentables: 2-Row, Wheat, Munich Dark, Vienna, CaraMunich, Chocolate Malt Hops: Santiam, Hallertau Weizenbocks come in different shapes and sizes, though all are relatively strong and incorporate a significant portion of wheat in the recipe. Ours is modeled after a classic German example, Schneider Aventinus – or closer to home, Victory Moonglow – both …



Hoppy Wheat ABV (6.5%) IBU 40 PCBW collaboration with Mindful Brewing Co.


Spoonwood Brewing Side Scroller

16-bit IPA ABV 7.7% IBU 50 Fermentables: 2-Row, Honey Malt, CaraMunich Hops: Columbus, Denali, El Dorado At 7.7% ABV, Side Scroller pushes the limits of a single-strength IPA. It’s moderately bitter with intense hops flavors and aromas. We used a small dose of Columbus for kettle bittering, but the spotlighted hops are two varieties that we hadn’t used before. Both …


Spoonwood Brewing Wolkenhimmel

Hefeweizen ABV 6.0%. IBU 12 Fermentables: Pils, Wheat, CaraPils Hops: Santiam, Hallertau Hefeweizen is a type of German wheat beer. “Hefe” means yeast and “Weizen” means wheat. And what we have here is a wheat-heavy beer fermented with an estery, phenolic yeast. We fermented at a warmer temperature to promote the production of fruity esters like isoamyl acetate, which smells …


Spoonwood Brewing Co Beer-2

Red Rye   ABV 5.1%  IBU 25 Fermentables: 2-Row, Red X, Rye, CaraRye, CaraMunich Hops: Horizon, Santiam, Crystal The Stache is all about malt, in all of its bready, caramelly goodness. The hops are meek, chosen to complement the malt with just a wisp of bitterness. And there is perhaps a slight “tang” from the rye, which makes up roughly …


Jailbreak SBC-1

Dry Stout   ABV 4.1% IBU 30 Fermentables: 2-Row, Roasted Barley, Flaked Barley Hops: Horizon Modeled after one of the most classic of all classic beers – Guinness Dry Stout – Jailbreak is deceptively light, with very little sweetness and a firm hops bitterness. The recipe is very basic for a stout, using roasted barley alone for color and flavor …