Faceless Oasis

Faceless Oasis – Porter (5.7%) A blend of British, German, Belgian, and American malts.


CHILI PALE ABV 5.3% Fermentables: 2-row, Wheat, Munich, Honey Malt Hops/Spices: Columbus, Habanero, Serrano, Orange Zest When we released our first batch, some folks said that Secret Alphabet wasn’t hot enough. So we upped the ante on the chili peppers, and now there’s definitely some heat. It’s not over-the-top ghost pepper torture type heat, but there’s no mistaking the capsaicin. …


BA IMPERIAL STOUT  ABV 10.5%  IBU 66 It’s what happens when Dead Goon spends 13 months in Four Roses Bourbon Barrels.

Annihilation of Expectation

Annihilation of Expectation – Hazy Mango IPA (7.1%) Our Brewtal collaboration with Through the Eyes of the Dead.


Pale Ale (5.3%) IBU 29 Fermentables: 2-row, Munich, Honey Malt, Chocolate Malt Hops: Citra We brew this beer exclusively for Carson City Saloon and their soon-to-open sister location, Coughlin’s Law. It’s well-balanced and easy to drink, with a touch of caramel malt and a subtle, delicate hops character. We hang on to a few barrels from each batch for our …

Bottom Line

Working Class Hiro

Bottom Line – Pale Lager (4.8%) Hyper local, with fresh hops from Pittsburgh Hop Company and 2-row pilsner from CNC Malting in Butler.

Turtle Waste of Time

Turtle Waste of Time – Black Lager (4.8%) Brewed for our friends at Turtle Survival Alliance.


Cinnamon Ghoul – Pumpkin Ale 5.4% ABV Fermentables: 2-row, Special Roast, Honey Malt, Pumpkin Purée Hops/Spices: Columbus, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Vanilla This is a “pumpkin ale,” which has more to do with the spices than anything else. We do use a moderate amount of pumpkin purée in the wort, which adds texture, color, and some fermentable sugars but not much …


Spoonwood New Pics-2

Belgian Strong Dark   ABV 9.8% Fermentables: 2-Row Pale, Special B, Dark Candi Syrup Hops: Horizon,Goldings Lorna is the dark side of Blithe, our golden strong. It’s a simple recipe that allows the basic elements to shine. The yeast lays down a bananas foster and bubblegum vibe. The dark malt and Candi Syrup provide rich fruity and toffee-like flavors, with …


Hell Bent for Pleather – Brut IPA (6.9%) Extra dry with Chardonnay juice and dry-hopped with Blanc.


Honey Sesame Brown Ale ABV 4.2% Fermentables: Pale Ale, Munich, Vienna, Caramel, Chocolate, Honey Hops/Spices: Sterling, Willamette, Black Sesame We brewed this low ABV “session beer” in collaboration with Church Brew Works and Pittsburgh Bottleshop for the release of the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild Brewery Guide. The malt is sourced entirely from a maltster near Philadelphia called Double Eagle, and the …


BRUX TROIS IPA  ABV 6.1% Fermentables: Pils, Wheat, CaraPils, Sugar Hops: Citra This is a once-a-year brew that requires a special yeast to create its distinct fruity character. “Bruxellensis Trois” is a strain of yeast that was formerly regarded as a type of Brettanomyces, or wild yeast. It has the ability to produce a dry, slightly tart beer with pineapple …


Cherry Smoked Porter ABV 5.5% Fermentables: 2-Row, Smoked Malt, Chocolate Malt, Caramel, Cherry Purée Hops: Columbus We love smoked beers, and for the longest time we’ve wanted to brew another. But we didn’t want to infringe upon Smoke & Oats. Seriously, how many smoked beers does your draft lineup really need? Well, apparently the answer is two. This porter is …


Dead Goon

Imperial Stout   ABV 8.7% Fermentables: 2-Row, Munich, CaraMunich, Roasted Barley, Special B, Chocolate, Blackprinz Hops: Columbus Who doesn’t love a big, rich, roasty, jet-black stout in the heat of summer? Weirdos, that’s who. Okay, so maybe we’re in the minority, but as far as we’re concerned, imperial stouts are never out of season. But the real reason we started …


DIPA    ABV 8.4% Fermentables: 2-Row, CaraMunich Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Sorachi Ace, Falconer’s Flight Are you in or are you out For them all to know the end of us all