Spoonwood Brewing Stunt Double Kolsch Beer

Kolsch   ABV 5.3%   IBU 21 Fermentables: 2-Row, Pils, Vienna, Munich, CaraPils Hops: Apollo, Hallertau We call this one Stunt Double because it was originally brewed as a stand-in for Working Class Hero. It is similar in appearance and strength, but it has a hoppiness that isn’t present in Hero. The malt flavor is lightly sweet but less cereal-like …



WHITE IPA  ABV  6.2%  IBU 41 Fermentables: 2-Row, Wheat, CaraPils, Oats Hops/Spices: Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria, Orange Zest, Coriander A Belgian witbier at heart. But in the kettle, it takes a turn toward IPA country. Pale and hazy from suspended yeast and proteins, and spiced with orange zest and coriander, the way a witbier ought to be. American and German hops …



Black IPA  ABV 6.4%   IBU 42 Fermentables: 2-Row, CaraMunich, BlackPrinz, Midnight Wheat Hops: Apollo, Cascade, Simcoe “Black IPA” is a silly descriptor (black pale ale, right?). But it’s become a recognized sub-style of the ever popular, boldly hopped, American IPA. The hops bitterness is restrained, making room for a hint of dark grain bitterness, with coffee and dark chocolate …



BELGIAN TRIPEL  ABV 8.6% IBU  32 Fermentables: 2-Row Pale, Pilsner, Candi Syrup Hops: Santiam, Mosaic This would be a rather traditional Belgian Tripel if not for the Mosaic dry-hopping. The recipe is built upon a simple grain bill (Pale and Pilsner malts) with the addition of Candi Syrup to enhance fermentability. The Mosaic hops play well with the fruit and …



BELGIAN WIT   ABV  5.1%  IBU  18 Fermentables: Pilsner, White Wheat, Flaked Oats Hops/Spices: Apollo, Orange Zest, Coriander, Habanero, White Pepper “I’m sorry, but that really steams me. That really burns me up. I mean, I am filled with a White Hot Rage!” -Barney Stinson.



Pale Lager ABV 5.6% IBU 44 Fermentables: 2-row, CaraPils, Caramel malt  Hops: Apollo Another Coheed and Cambria inspired beer, named for their third album. Simply put, we borrowed some German lager yeast from Penn Brewery to ferment a pale wort and added a bunch of Apollo hops. The end result is lightly sweet and doughy with a moderate bitterness and …