2 Minutes to Midnight Releases Feb. 26th and 27th

2 Minutes to Midnight Releases Feb. 26th and 27th

After a couple planning sessions, a very fun brew day, several weeks in the fermenter, the addition of vanilla, chili peppers, and chocolate from Sarver’s Speckled Hen Chocolate Company, an enjoyable back-and-forth exchange over the beer’s eventual name, and the anxious wait for bottle label approval, we are happy to report that 2 Minutes to Midnight, an Imperial Stout created in collaboration with Caliente Pizza & Draft House, is ready for you to consume!

When our initial collective ideas started to come into fruition, I wrote a blog post breaking the news that you can check out here. One thing to point out with that post: The initial final ABV we shot for was in the 11-12% range. Steve and Caliente’s Matt Moniger came extremely close with a finished beer that will be poured for you at 10.3%.

With a beer this big and this epic, we can’t just tap it and call it a night. We’ve planned two special events to bring this beer into the wild. It will be on tap all day at Spoonwood on the 26th and the first run of LIMITED 22oz. bomber bottles will be available for sale starting at 7:00pm. As a special treat, our Executive Chef Jeffrey Simpson will be using the remaining chocolate from the brewing process to prepare a special menu item for the event. You’ll have to come in to see what he has in store…

Then, on Saturday, February 27th, Caliente will tap 2 Minutes to Midnight in the Railsplitter Speakeasy located downstairs at their Bloomfield location starting at 1:00pm. The other half of the bomber bottles will be available at this event. You can also come hang out with some of us fun-loving Spoonwood guys. We may even crank some Iron Maiden to pay proper homage to this pretty rad beer.

This was a very fun project and we’d like to extend a thank you to Caliente for adding us to their growing list of collaborations. We are very impressed with how 2 Minutes to Midnight turned out and we are pretty confident you’ll feel the same. Also, thanks to Jason Collins for designing the bottle label and Luke Homitsky for the promotional poster seen below.