Imminent Percolations

Imminent Percolations – Coffee Cream Stout (4.1%)

Fermentables: 2-Row, Munich, CaraMunich, Roasted Barley, Kiln Coffee

Hops/Spices: Willamette, Lactose, Coffee

This just might be the smallest beer that we’ve ever brewed. It’s actually a tad lower in ABV than most American light lagers. But the lactose adds a fullness and sweet creaminess that makes it drink a more “bigly,” despite its relative lack of malt substance. The coffee is a medium-roast Ethiopian Limu, provided by our friends at Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange ( It adds a chocolately caramel richness that complements the dark roasted malts very well.

We stomped the beans ourselves. Hear that? The percolations are imminent.