Honeydripper at Spoonwood Brewing Co

Saison   ABV 7.1%   34 IBU

Fermentables: 2-Row Pale, Wheat, Aromatic, Honey Malt, Honey

Hops: Santiam, Ultra, Mosaic

Honeydripper is made with the same yeast as Freemang IPA. It’s a yeast with a distinctive, over-the-top fruitiness, so the two beers have undeniably similar flavors. The additional wheat and aromatic malt in the Honeydripper recipe provide a richer, bready quality that moderates the yeasty fruitiness. And the honey (from Bedillion’s Farm in Hickory, PA) plays well with the amped up maltiness. However, the key difference is the hops selection. Freemang has a bold, tropical, citrusy, Flintstones vitamin flavor (Citra hops) that isn’t quite present in Honeydripper.