Barleywine   ABV 11%   IBU 69

Fermentables: 2-Row, CaraRye

Hops: Horizon, Goldings, Crystal

The biggest, baddest beer we’ve ever brewed. This one is all malt, all the time. The heavily concentrated, not-quite-syrupy malt character is achieved by mashing a large amount of 2-row for a small kettle fill and boiling it for three hours, which is twice as long as our typical boil. The grain bill also contains a small portion of caramel rye malt to add some zing. And the hops are mostly floral but not prevalent in the overall presentation. Raise the glass to your nose and you’ll get a waft of candied fruit. That fruit carries into the sip, with a sweetness that coats the tongue and disguises the alcohol.

There’s only a small portion available on draft – about 3 barrels, or 6 kegs, or 1,100 glasses worth. The rest is aging in Wigle Straight Rye and Landlocked barrels. We’ll sit on those barrels for as long as possible, though some of the Landlocked-aged Collapsium will likely make an appearance in early spring.