All Downhill

Vanilla Cream Ale   ABV 5.0%

Fermentables: 2-Row, Wheat, CaraPils, Lactose

Hops/Spices: Willamette, Vanilla

All Downhill is similar to Working Class Hero, our straightforward “beer flavored” beer. The obvious difference is the addition of vanilla and lactose, which play on the “cream” idea (even if creaminess isn’t typical for the Cream Ale style). The subtle difference is the addition of 30% malted wheat in place of the Munich and Vienna malts. The dessert-like sweetness of the vanilla combined with the soft graininess of the wheat gives the impression of breakfast cereal with tiny dehydrated marshmallows. But in the end, All Downhill retains enough of its stylistic identity to make it more of a beer than a soda pop.