Mochanut Goon

Imperial Stout (9.7%) Bourbon barrel aged, plus chocolate, coffee, and coconut.

French Toast Renaissance

Brunch Stout (8.7%) Slathered with cinnamon, raisins, vanilla beans, and maple syrup.

Dead Goon

Imperial Stout (8.3%) Imposingly dark with Roasted Barley, Black Malt, and Dark Caramel Malt.


BA IMPERIAL STOUT  ABV 9.7%  Aged 1 year in Jim Beam bourbon barrels.


Dry Stout   ABV 5.3% Fermentables: 2-Row, Roasted Barley, CaraPils, Flaked Barley, Coffee Malt Hops: Willamette Modeled after one of the most classic of beers – Guinness Dry Stout – Jailbreak is deceptively light, with little sweetness and a moderate hops bitterness. We played with the recipe a bit this year, adding tiny amounts of coffee malt and Special B. Otherwise, we kept it traditional, using primarily roasted barley and flaked barley to create the expected dry and roasty character. A dry English yeast does the rest of the work, …


Chocolate Town

Chocolate Town – Milk Stout (4.0%)* Milk sugar, chocolate malt, and pure liquid cacao. *contains lactose

Bitter End

Bitter End – Double Espresso Stout (7.7%) A collaboration with Icarus Witch & Black Forge Coffeehouse.


Dead Goon

Imperial Stout   ABV 8.7% Fermentables: 2-Row, Munich, CaraMunich, Roasted Barley, Special B, Chocolate, Blackprinz Hops: Columbus Who doesn’t love a big, rich, roasty, jet-black stout in the heat of summer? Weirdos, that’s who. Okay, so maybe we’re in the minority, but as far as we’re concerned, imperial stouts are never out of season. But the real reason we started brewing Dead Goon in July/August is so that we could age a portion in bourbon barrels, for release the following October. The beer that emerges from those barrels is called …

Imminent Percolations

Imminent Percolations – Coffee Cream Stout (4.1%) Fermentables: 2-Row, Munich, CaraMunich, Roasted Barley, Kiln Coffee Hops/Spices: Willamette, Lactose, Coffee This just might be the smallest beer that we’ve ever brewed. It’s actually a tad lower in ABV than most American light lagers. But the lactose adds a fullness and sweet creaminess that makes it drink a more “bigly,” despite its relative lack of malt substance. The coffee is a medium-roast Ethiopian Limu, provided by our friends at Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange ( It adds a chocolately caramel richness that …


Spoonwood Evolutions end

IMPERIAL STOUT   ABV  9.0  IBU  60 Fermentables: 2-Row Pale, Munich, Dark Crystal, Roasted Barley, Black Hops: Bravo, Centennial, Cascade Aged 8 months in Wigle Rye Whiskey barrels. Cheers!


Tropical Stout ABV 7.4% IBU 43 Fermentables: 2-Row, Black, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, CaraMunich, Special B Hops/Flavoring: Horizon, Pineapple/Mango/Passion Fruit Compound Tropical Stout is another name for Foreign Export Stout, a style of beer that originated as a high-gravity stout brewed for consumption in tropical markets, such as Jamaica. They tend to be higher ABV and may be fruity sweet from malt and yeast. They do not usually contain fruit flavoring, but we wanted to have some fun with the style when dreaming up the concept. The tropical fruits are …