Wet Hop Pale (6.4%) [IBU 18] Fresh hops from PGH Hops Co., grown in Washington, PA.


Virulent Euphoria Spoonwood Brewing-1

Pale Ale (5.1%) [IBU 48] Our Brewtal collab, brewed with hibiscus & grapefruit zest.


FreeMang SBC

CITRA IPA  ABV 6.8% IBU 50 Fermentables: Pils, Wheat, CaraPils, Sugar Hops: Citra This is a once-a-year brew that requires a special yeast to create its distinct fruity character. “WLP644 Saccharomyces ‘Bruxellensis’ Trois” is a strain of yeast that was formerly regarded as a type of Brettanomyces, or wild yeast. It has the ability to produce a dry, slightly tart …


Dead Goon

Imperial Stout  ABV 9.5% IBU 54   Fermentables: 2-Row, Munich, Wheat, Special B, Roasted Barley, CaraMunich, Black, Chocolate, Lactose Hops: Horizon, Goldings Who doesn’t love a huge, rich, roasty, jet-black stout in the heat of summer? Weirdos, that’s who. Okay, so maybe we’re in the minority, but as far as we’re concerned, imperial stouts are never out of season. But …



CHILI PALE ABV 5.7% IBU 22 Fermentables: 2-row, Wheat, Munich, CaraPils, Honey Malt Hops/Spices: Chinook, Habanero, Serrano, Jalapeño, Orange Zest After our first batch, some folks said that Secret Alphabet wasn’t hot enough. So we upped the ante on the chili peppers, and now there’s definitely some heat. It’s not over-the-top ghost pepper torture type heat, but there’s no mistaking the …


spoonwood craft beer-3

COFFEE BLONDE   ABV 5.8%  IBU 24 Fermentables: 2-Row, Vienna, CaraPils, Flaked Barley, Lactose Hops: Horizon, Crystal Cold Drip City starts as a nondescript blonde ale with lactose (milk sugar) before we infuse it with a strong cold-brewed coffee during carbonation. The trick is that the beer picks up a distinct coffee flavor and aroma without much color. The coffee …


Smoke & Oats Spoonwood Brewing

SMOKED AMBER LAGER  ABV 5.2%  IBU 28 Fermentables: Smoked Malt, Munich, CaraMunich, Flaked Oats Hops: Horizon, Santiam, Ultra We brewed Smoke & Oats as a lager this past summer, but this time it’s back to original ale form. The smoked malt has been bumped up to roughly 40% of the grain bill, and the caramel malts have been dialed back …



Cream Ale   ABV 4.8%  IBU 18 Fermentables: Pils, Carapils, Munich, Vienna, Flaked Corn Hops: Santiam Light malts, earthy hops, and clean lager-like yeast deliver a convincing performance. Critics agree: this is beer.


Killer Diller Spoonwood

IPA   ABV 6.7%   IBU 80 Fermentables: 2-Row Pale, Vienna, Wheat, Crystal Hops: Bravo, Columbus, Chinook, Meridian, Equinox Forget about that West Coast/East Coast nonsense. This is an American IPA, period. And it’s the staple of our ever-changing draft lineup. Lightly sweet, moderately bitter, citrusy, floral, and fruity. Named after a line from a Lennon contribution to the suite …