The Menu For Our New Years Eve Beer Pairing Dinner


If you’ve attended any of our past Beer Pairing Dinners, you know we go all out. Exceptional cuisine that truly showcases the talent of our culinary team combined with tremendous craft beer that shines the spotlight on what our brewers do each and every day. When great food meets great beer, good times shall be had by all. In that …



Maple Ale  ABV 5.9%  IBU 24 Fermentables: 2-row, Special Roast, CaraPils, Maple Syrup Hops: Goldings, Crystal A sugar house, or sugar shack, is a cabin where sap from sugar maple trees is boiled into syrup. A party is a social event, during which drinks and entertainment are provided. (Ask our kitchen crew – they’ll help you find a good one.) …


Smoke & Oats Spoonwood Brewing

SMOKED AMBER LAGER  ABV 5.2%  IBU 28 Fermentables: Smoked Malt, Munich, CaraMunich, Flaked Oats Hops: Horizon, Santiam, Ultra We brewed Smoke & Oats as a lager this past summer, but this time it’s back to original ale form. The smoked malt has been bumped up to roughly 40% of the grain bill, and the caramel malts have been dialed back …



DIPA    ABV 9.5%   IBU 65 Fermentables: 2-Row, CaraMunich, Sugar Hops: Equinox, Amarillo, Citra, Sorachi Ace Retract the footsteps that brought us to this flavor. Big juicy malt sweetness. Even bigger juicy hops fruitiness. Dude, you’re huge. Let’s party!



Hoppy Belgian Amber 7.4% ABV 50 IBU Fermentables: 2-row, Munich, CaraMunich, Special B, Brown Sugar Hops: Cascade, Columbus We brewed this beer in collaboration with Full Pint Brewing Co. and Hops On Lots Pgh (HOLP), which is a local urban hops growing initiative. This year marked the initial planting for HOLP, so there wasn’t a useable crop for our brew. …